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A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

A Quick, Convenient and Effective Way to Promote your Business!
Niagara Lawn Signs | Sandwich Boards| A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich Board | A-Frame | Sidewalk Signs

In spirit of our sign giveaway this month, we want to advise you on the the best time to take advantage of that unused sidewalk space in front of your business to attract new customers using A-Frame/sandwich board/ sidewalk signs!

5 Reasons to invest in a Sandwich Board Sign:

1. Your Businss is Opening Soon

Sidewalk Sign; Sandwich Board Sign; A-Frame Sign |Niagara Signs

Is your brand under construction? Are you opening soon and want to let your potential clients know? A sidewalk sign is definitely your most convenient and cost effective option for a temporary sign.


2. You are Always on the Move

Sidewalk Sign; Sandwich Board Sign; A-Frame Sign |Niagara Signs

Trade show attendees, construction companies & contractors, real estate agents, food trucks and other mobile-type businesses can have vast exposure to a variety of clients. A mobile business should have a mobile sign, no? Therefore, we recommend using a durable A-frame/sandwich board, as it provides a suitable sign for all types of conditions. Finding the right size is important – Since you will be constantly moving it around, make sure you mention the importance of a light weight sign.

3. New Products,Services or Special Hours

Sidewalk Sign; Sandwich Board Sign; A-Frame Sign |Niagara Signs

Inform your clients of the specials you have going on today – Since you may want to customize your messages daily, opt for a chalkboard face! With an enticing vibrant image or logo & and a short message, it will be sure to capture the attention of those passing by.

4. Direction

Are your current clients always driving past your office Image of a Sidewalk Sign/ Sandwich Board Sign/A-Frame Sign |Niagara Signslocation? Is your parking lot difficult to locate? or, maybe you are hidden away in an alley way. Seems like you need some directional signage. Because there can be much sign traffic on the road, make sure to find a visible location to place your sign with your brand name/logo and a directional arrow.


5.New Sign Under Construction

Finally- why not have a sign to let your clients know your new and improved sign is on it’s way? The Iconic sign atImage of a Sidewalk Sign/ Sandwich Board Sign/A-Frame Sign |Dr. Sawatski Dentistry in Fonthill, Ontario Dr. Ken Sawatsky Dentistry in Fonthill Ontario, was recently destroyed. As the Feren team constructs their new custom designed sign, an A-Frame Sandwich board is used as a temporary sign replacement.




The basic Feren Signs Sidewalk sign is made on durable Crezon material and includes white handles, laminated digital prints on both sides of the sign, and a chain; Include chalk board paint to specified areas of your sign as an add-on.

Get your Feren Signs Sidewalk Sign for only $199 Between July 1 and September 1. Regularly $250.00!


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