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Canadian Winter Sign Damage

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Canadian Winter Sign Damage

Feren Signs & Graphics officially welcomes Spring to the Niagara Region!

The long Canadian winter months can cause some serious sign damage. Snow, ice and wind can be responsible for sign displacement, sign cracks, electrical connection issues, and other types of damage.

A damaged sign is not only unattractive to the eye- it can create major liability and become a safety hazard. To prevent serious damage to your sign, destruction to your building or potential injury to your employees, we urge you to report any sign issues or damage immediately.

 “Feren Signs to the Rescue”

When the Phyl’s Restaurant sign fell over after a major Niagara wind storm in March, the Feren Signs & Graphics team was quick to react. With a newly fabricated sign box, and installation of a secure support pole, Phyl’s Restaurant is once more one of the most visible signs on Lundy’s Lane- which is awesome, because we absolutely love the food at Phyl’s Restaurant and recommend that when you see that large sign, you stop in for a delicious meal!

Sign Damage

Before: Phyl’s sign falls after windstorm

Sign Repair

After: New fabricated sign box








The Feren team will inspect your damaged sign, propose sign repair solutions and work closely with you, your insurance provider and any other stakeholders to repair or re-create the sign that best represents your business. We work to support your commitment to provide a safe workplace.

Contact Feren Signs & Graphics for a quote today and we will have one of our sign experts on site to repair your sign!


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